Michael Kirst: An Uncommon Academic by Richard Jung PRESS RELEASE

"Conversations With and About Mike"

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Dr. Richard K. Jung expands and changes the way to look at a biography in Michael Kirst: An Uncommon Academic

Dr. Michael W. Kirst is a Professor Emeritus of Education and Business Administration at Stanford University and former President of the California State Board of Education. Michael Kirst: An Uncommon Academic reveals, through a pioneering multi-media biography, the largely unknown story of a successful academic and education policymaker with uncanny political skills and humble yet engaging nature.

“You should think about how to feature your methodology per se as another project for you. The focus would be on how to do this sort of thing about someone other than me. It brings history alive in novel ways to me” says Mike Kirst about the impactful change this multi-media technology can create a way for history to be preserved in a new way.

One of the unique factors of the book is that it has QR codes embedded throughout that link to the audio footage from interviews that Dr. Jung had with not only Dr. Kirst, but also several of his colleagues, friends, and family. This brings a holistic view of both Dr. Kirst’s professional career and personal life.

All proceeds for the book will be donated to EdSource, a nonprofit organization focusing on highlighting key challenges and strategies for student success.

“I’m happy to donate my proceeds from this book to EdSource as it has distinguished itself for more than four decades as a highly respected non-profit source of education news, research, and analysis” says Dr. Jung on his decision to donate proceeds to EdSource

As the book was adapted from a digital biography, the video and audio transcripts are available to those who cannot get access to the book. The online project can be found at https://mikekirstbiographyproject.com/.


Editor’s Note: The Appendix for “Conversations With and About Mike” contains transcripts for the recorded audio and video clips. To view the Audio Transcripts go to this page >