Installment 1: Clip 1 Transcript

Most important about Mike for Governor Jerry Brown 

(Governor Brown: 1/14/19; 1 minute 12 seconds)



DJ: In essence, what is it that Mike brings to you that’s most important? 

JB: Well, I’ll get right to the point. I was writing an educational paper or platform, a few pages—10 or so objectives, goals—when I was running for governor. And I would get on the computer and type it. But I’d get him on the other end, and we talk about it. And he would revise, and we would share. So we could actually work together on the drafting of ideas and policies. That was in the campaign. And of course, is the precursor to the actual governing. That’s why it’s unusual for an academic and an elected politician to work so amiably and so closely together.